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When Gretchen Hansen spotted two pink chairs in the back of a vintage shop, she immediately had that “I found it” feeling. But when she couldn't find a way to make them work in her space, she enlisted the help of her friend, an interior decorator, by sending her a few quick pictures. Her friend had the perfect solution to make them fit in the space. Gretchen immediately thought: what if I was able to bring this amazing remote decorating experience to everybody?

Gretchen Hansen is the CEO and founder of Decorist, a brand dedicated to making great interior design accessible to everyone. Using new technology paired with top design talent, Decorist makes it easy for anyone to transform their space in their personal style, all within their budget, for one low flat fee.

Gretchen sees Decorist as the future of the industry: easy, affordable and personalized interior design. Listen in to learn how important it is for Gretchen Hansen to keep innovating, how to use data to make better decisions, and why she thinks competition is always good for business.

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'Understand who your customer is, understand what their needs are, and what those unmet needs are.' - Gretchen Hansen

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'It took a lot of hard work to build awareness for the kind of product that we had because nobody had ever used something like this before.' - Gretchen Hansen