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When Heidi Zak couldn’t find a quality bra that fit her right and looked great, she realized there was a hole in the market and ThirdLove was born. The data-driven bra company now offers 15 styles in 59 different sizes (they’re the only company to offer half cup sizes!) and provides a “try before you buy” model that encourages women to try the product on in the comfort of their own homes.

On this episode, Heidi discusses product-market fit, exactly how her company collects and uses data to target sales, how to create demand (and a waiting list!), and how their values inform their hiring process. She also reveals the number one platform ThirdLove relies on to track customer service.

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'I just didn’t understand why there wasn’t a modern brand for the modern woman.' - Heidi Zak

Show Notes:

  • How Heidi started ThirdLove
  • How she discovered a hole in the market
  • The challenge of working with manufacturers
  • Why bringing on a bra designer early on was crucial
  • Why it’s hard to let go of your roles as company grows
  • Heidi’s hiring tips: attitude and personality are crucial and how hiring is like dating
  • How ThirdLove bootstrapped and then raised capital
  • The importance of product market fit
  • Why they decided to skip wholesale
  • The secret to driving traffic in the early days
  • The creation of the “try before buy” program
  • Why focusing on data is imperative and how to evaluate
  • What Heidi wishes she knew before she started

“We’re not just selling bras, we’re selling an experience and making that experience better.” - Heidi Zak

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“Data only works when you have the right data.” - Heidi Zak