Holly Thaggard on The Mentor Files Podcast with Monica Royer

Holly Thaggard did not follow a traditional path when launching her business. After graduating from college, Holly became a third grade school teacher, then pivoted to pursue a career as a professional harpist. The last thing she anticipated happening was starting her own business, with the goal of creating a healthier sunscreen and educating children on skin care, but life had its own plan.

In 2007, Holly started Supergoop, a program to get sunscreen and education on skincare into the hands of kids around the world. Three years later, she launched her first ingredient-conscious, feel-good formula, won an AAD Golden Triangle Award along the way, and hasn’t stopped innovating since.

Listen in to learn about what inspired Holly to start Supergoop, why she chose to scale her brand slowly, and what she takes into consideration when accepting capital.

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'I really became obsessed with, 'how do we get a chemical formula on the market that is clean and not full of these chemical fragrances and parabens?'.' - Holly Thaggard

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'I've always believed that if you don't have something unique to offer the world, why bother? And when it comes to formulas, I knew that it was the real foundation for .' - Holly Thaggard