When Jamie and Fillip Hord from Horderly reached out to us announcing the news of their first baby and wanting to use Monica + Andy marketplace items in their nursery, you can imagine how excited we were.

We totally geek out about a well decorated and well organized nursery (it's fun to enjoy it while it lasts 😅). With the big launch of our cribs, nursery decor, changing tables, and nursing chairs, we agreed to help them turn their guest bedroom into their dream nursery. 

We sat down with Jamie Hord, founder and mama, to hear about her company, her inspiration, and her organization tips. 

Q+A with Jamie Hord from Horderly

Q: Tell us a little bit about Horderly and how you came to be!
A: I grew up super organized and type A, but didn't quite realize how this doesn't come naturally for others until I started working in other peoples homes! I founded Horderly in 2015 and we have grown to one of the nations most widely known brands of professional organizers since! It started as a passion for organizing and quickly transformed into a passion for changing people's lives. At Horderly, our mission is to change our clients lives through organization. We have a specific 11 step process we approach any space with from decluttering to putting the right systems in place.

Q: Why did you want to work with Monica and Andy?
A: As the founder of a professional organizing company, I'm always thinking efficiently. You're not going to Monica and Andy for 1 thing. They are a great 1 stop shop for so many things you need when having a baby and setting up a nursery!

Q: What was your design inspiration behind the nursery?
A: I knew I wanted a neutral feel to our nursery. Bringing in furniture and other items with specific materials like the Babyletto boucle chair, washed natural crib and leather ottoman and basket from Gathre really brought those elements we were looking for into the room.

Q: What are your top 5 organizational tips for a nursery?
A: Our nursery organization tips are

  1. Get your nursery set up and organized before baby arrives! This can also help guide you how much more you might need or what you might be missing!
  2. Wash all baby clothes and fabrics before putting away
  3. Create a home for everything. This means you might need to bring in additional storage solutions like a dresser or a bookshelf or install new systems like a new closet
  4. Use drawer dividers and baskets to create structure in your space.
  5. Labeling is key, especially in a space like this where there will be multiple people

Q: What is your absolute FAVORITE item from the room?
A: My husband and I have already been sitting in the Babyletto boucle chair with our feet up, and the Yogasleep Sound Machine on. We can't wait to sit here with baby boy!