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As she began her career, Irene Ortiz-Glass witnesses some first-hand examples of leadership gone wrong. As she transitioned into team-building roles and executive management, she sought to do business a different way—specifically by looking at who people are as a whole.

"It dawned on me that executive coaching was and should always be connected to life and our life lives, not just work," Irene tells Monica Royer in a new episode of The Mentor Files. "We are one person interacting in these different areas of our lives."

In this new episode, Monica and Irene speak about leadership coaching, finding purpose in hardships and Irene's passion for helping women navigate menopause with more tools and resources than we were historically offered. Irene explains, "For me, purpose has become helping other people to grow and learn about themselves to become that best version of whoever they're supposed to be with their gifts and skills."

Wondering if an executive coach is right for you? Before working with a new client, Irene says it's important to evaluate chemistry to see if it's a good match. From there, she considers "three pillars."

1. Willingness to be self-aware

2. Motivation to take action

3. Ability to do the work

As you'll hear, the conversation comes naturally—in part because Irene is Monica's own executive coach! They also dig deep into some personal topics, including Irene's difficult experience with medically induced menopause. 

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I work really hard to make sure I'm centered so that then I can help other people find their way.” — Irene Ortiz-Glass