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Jacq Tatelman and her husband Scott are the Brooklyn-based duo behind State Bags, a one for one company that is making a difference in America. For every bag sold, they donate a backpack to a child in need.

Their mission was inspired by an organization Jacq and her husband started in 2009 that sent underprivileged New York City kids to summer camp. They saw time and time again kids showing up with their belongings in plastic bags, and sought to start a company that could help change the lives of kids. Thanks to their amazing mission combined with their timeless designs, State Bags has gotten attention from celebrities and fashion bloggers, and has even collaborated with Beyoncé, Barack Obama, and Chance the Rapper.

Today Jacq gives us a peek into the company: the culture, what it's like working with her husband, and how they've built brand awareness.

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'It's a fun brand to be a part of not only because the product is so great but because you so easily give back.' - Jacq Tatelman

Show Notes:

  • How State Bags started
  • The decision to be a one for one company
  • The evolution of State's product line
  • What production schedule the company is on
  • Why she loves working with her husband
  • The challenge of decompressing between work and home
  • Why you have to learn to compartmentalize
  • How her team has grown and why she hired a CEO
  • Working with wholesale versus retail
  • How to pull off collaborations in a good way
  • How State Bags has built brand awareness
  • What's next for State Bags

'I want everyone to feel like they had the best experience possible with State Bags... and it doesn't always work out that way.' - Jacq Tatelman

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'Brand awareness is all a very slow build.' - Jacq Tatelman