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Back in 2014, Jordana Kier realized something: Though she had spent the better part of her life using feminine products, she’d never stopped to ask herself what was really in her tampons.

After thinking the idea over, researching the industry, and posing the idea to her friend-turned-co-founder, Alex Friedman, Jordana decided to act on it.

Jordana and Alex launched Lola, which they describe as a lifelong reproductive health for women’s bodies. By focusing on transparency, Lola gives women control over the products they’re choosing and using. Lola has gone head-to-head with industry giants thanks to its organic ingredient list and innovative subscription model.

In this episode, Jordana shares how she brought innovation to an industry that has remained unchanged for years, and how she approaches fundraising as the founder of a company built for women. She even shared the secret to attracting celebrity investors like Serena Williams, Allison Williams, Lena Dunham and Karlie Kloss as investors — listen in for all this and more.

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“A lifelong reproductive health brand for your body should exist. Why are we reinventing the wheel every single time?” - Jordana Kier

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“When you think about any new business that's come about, they're all rooted in these 'duh' moments. They're not actually that complicated.” - Jordana Kier