Monica Royer and Kara Goldin Mentor Files

Hint Water found Kara Goldin describes herself as an “accidental entrepreneur,” and her journey all traces back to amazing advice she received from her dad as she started her career.

“What he said to me still sits with me today, and, frankly, something that I share with my kids is that go and find a brand that you want to support, that gets you excited, that has feelings inside of you or creates feelings inside of you that you get really excited about,” Kara tells Monica Royer in a new episode of The Mentor Files. “That's where you're going to find really smart people, right?”

By following that sage wisdom, Kara got in on the ground level with innovative companies. Then, as a mom of three young kids (with a final “surprise” pregnancy soon to add another!), she forged ahead with creating a product she felt passionate about: unsweetened naturally flavored water. And, yes, the plan was shocking for many of those around her!

“There was never this idea like, ‘Oh, that's so cool. You want to go and start something in a totally different industry and go back down to the bottom, to being the least knowledgeable person in the room,’” she says. “That just seemed so exciting to me, but it certainly wasn't popular amongst the people that I talked to.”

Still, Kara was undaunted–a trait that she has intentionally cultivated. As a result, Hint became the product we know and love today. With a successful exit and so much invaluable advice to share, Kara authored Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters.

In this episode, listen as Kara and Monica discuss how motherhood is a superpower, the value in launching an imperfect product, and so much more. 

You will love Kara’s fresh, honest take on entrepreneurship.  Case and point: “At the end of the day, you have to just live undaunted. You have to say, ‘I've got to just keep forging forward and do this.’ If you aren't choosing to live a life that is really about taking risks and choosing to be undaunted, then that's cool too. Don't be an entrepreneur though.” 

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“The overarching message that I would always say to people is you've got to be undaunted because you're going to have these highs and lows.”  – Kara Goldin, Hint founder