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With a tagline of “Fewer, Better Things,” Cuyana might be one of the only fashion brands that encourages their customers to actually purchase less. The cutting edge brand offers high quality leather products at an accessible price point by sourcing different materials from around the world.

Along with her co-founder Shilpa Shah, Karla Gallardo spent two years building their companies supply chain before launching Cuyana in 2013. At the time, consumers had not yet grasped the idea of affordable luxury with a direct-to-consumer model.

Listen in as Karla and Monica discuss how a crucial part of growing the business was educating customers and investors about the new model. They also discuss the “Fewer, Better Things” motto and how it drives everything they do at the company. Karla also reveals the process she used to find the best suppliers, the role of influencers in customer acquisition and the steps they take to hire the right team.

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'The goal was to produce products in a very selective way.' - Karla Gallardo

Show Notes:

  • What is Cuyana
  • How they came up with 'Fewer Better'
  • The process of finding their suppliers
  • What the launch phase of Cuyana looked like
  • The role of influencers in their customer acquisition
  • How the Cuyana team has grown
  • The roles of Karla and her co-founder Shilpa
  • How they balance the focus on accessories vs. apparel
  • Why 'Fewer Better' applies to their investors too
  • What is Cuyana's retail strategy
  • The challenges Karla has faced in launching her brand
  • What Karla is most proud of
  • How she is balancing the business and being a new mom

'For us what it all comes down to is authenticity in how the word is spread.' - Karla Gallardo

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'Just as you get the right formula, you have to move on and keep hiring differently.' - Karla Gallardo