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In 2004, Lauren Bush Lauren had the opportunity to travel around the world as an honorary student spokesperson for the UN World Food Programme, and learned firsthand about the issues of hunger and poverty. Inspired by what she saw during these travels, Lauren launched FEED Projects in 2007, with the mission to create good products that help FEED the world. FEED does this through the sale of FEED bags, accessories, and apparel by building a set donation into the cost of each product. The impact of each product, signified by a stenciled number, is understandable, tangible, and meaningful. FEED is proud to help FEED the world, one product at a time. To date, Lauren and her team have provided over 85 million meals globally through the WFP and Feeding America.

Lauren's impact on these important worldwide issues has been incredible, and it all started with an idea and a belief that through her desire to help -- with her business skills and leadership -- she could change the world. Listen in to today's episode to learn how Lauren started FEED and collaborated with various partners over time to help fight against world hunger and poverty.

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'With all these amazing results from school feeding, how can I build something that will support that?' - Lauren Bush Lauren

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'I created FEED to be that entry point, that conduit, for people to get involved in the issue of feeding impoverished people.' - Lauren Bush Lauren