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26 Lindsay Pinchuk - The Founder of The Bump Club and Beyond on Creating a Community for Parents-To-Be

26 Lindsay Pinchuk - The Founder of The Bump Club and Beyond on Creating a Community for Parents-To-Be

Lindsay Pinchuk did something most expectant mothers would never do. At eight weeks pregnant, she started a business. After realizing that moms and moms-to-be needed a place to meet and connect with one another, she decided to create the community herself.

Eight years later, The Bump Club and Beyond has sold out more than 1,000 events in over thirty cities and has a community of more than 300,000 parents and parents-to-be across the country.

Today, Lindsay and Monica discuss how to best launch an event and work with national partners, how she uses data to drive her business decisions and how she utilized her own network in the early days to get her business off the ground.

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'The consumption habits of parents have shifted and changed and so we've had to change how we've been reaching them.' - Lindsay Pinchuk

Show Notes:

  • What is The Bump Club
  • Lindsay's secret to staying relevant
  • How the company gained people's trust
  • When they made the move to take the business national
  • What is Lindsay's advice for working with larger brands
  • Why it's important to stay true to who you are
  • What the team behind The Bump Club looks like
  • What was Lindsay's biggest learning over the last eight years
  • What is the best part of her job now
  • How Lindsay finds balance in her career and personal life
  • Why she has started embracing the chaos

'You have to listen to your consumer because if you don't, you're not going to hit the mark.' - Lindsay Pinchuk

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'It's ok to take time for yourself, and by doing that it makes me a better mom because when I'm with my kids, I'm *with* my kids.' - Lindsay Pinchuk

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