When Lindsey Andrews and Lara Crystal met at the Wharton School, they became both friends and future business partners, inspired to start a company by their complementary skills and great relationship. On one of their weekly brainstorming meetings over take-out, they realized that there wasn't a way to get wine, liquor, and beer delivered that was as easy as everything else in their lives, from cars to food to dry cleaning. Finding that the massive alcohol market had an uncapitalized niche, they pounced on the opportunity, and Minibar Delivery was born.

Our guest today is Lindsey Andrews, who cofounded Minibar Delivery, a free app which taps into a network of wine and liquor stores in various neighborhoods, so users can pull up a list of hundreds of wines and liquors available for delivery. Connecting users with their local liquor store, Minibar Delivery offers a better way to shop by offering the best selection of products. Since starting Minibar Delivery in 2013, they have made it the best way to shop for wine, spirits, and beer, raising 7 million dollars in capital and servicing 40 states.

Listen in to learn more about Minibar Delivery's path to launch, how they pitched and raised funds for their idea, and the major hurdles that came up along the way.

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'Off-premise alcohol sales is 100 billion dollars in the US. It's a massive industry that just hadn't been brought online, unlike every other industry.' - Lindsey Andrews

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'Lara and I were great friends before we started Minibar, so I think having Lara as a co-CEO has been very lucky in that we've gotten along really well.' - Lindsey Andrews