Where do single-use plastic bottles end up? It’s not a pretty picture. 

While living and working in China, Manuela Zoninsein confronted the reality of waste on a massive scale. Once back in the United States, she sought to create more sustainable solutions for everyday life. That led her to launch Kadeya, a low-waste vending machine, which was honored with Fast Company’s World Changing Idea Award this year.

In a new episode of The Mentor Files, host Monica Royer talks with Manuela about what we stand to gain by embracing more eco-friendly habits. As Manuela says, “It’s not about being perfect every day. It’s about the good that compounds over and over and over again to build something bigger.”

Plus—spoiler—Manuela and Monica can relate on being in entrepreneurial families as Manuela is married to Monica’s brother, Andy Dunn. Not to mention the whole extended family lived in the same apartment building for a period of time!

Listen in to their conversation as they discuss entrepreneurship, sustainability, and more. Be sure to learn more about Kadeya by visiting the website.

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  • “To be an entrepreneur, perfect is the enemy of good. And, instead, you want to get good at just being good... because the job of an entrepreneur changes so rapidly and so constantly that your job is not to be perfect at every stage.” — Manuela Zoninsein, Kadeya