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When The Limited launched Eloquii in 2011, it became the go-to fashion brand focusing on plus-size women. But when they closed their doors a year and a half later, it left a lot of customers at a loss for where to find the fashion and fit they had fallen in love with. When a few former employees of Eloquii got together to buy the brand back from The Limited—with Mariah Chase joining the team shortly after—they never could have guessed just how excited customers would be for their return.

Mariah Chase is a leading executive in fashion, retail and digital commerce, and has served since late 2013 as the CEO of Eloquii, the pioneering e-commerce destination for contemporary fast fashion in sizes 14 to 24. Recognizing the exceptional loyalty and love that customers had for the Eloquii brand, Mariah has spearheaded the company’s emergence as a uniquely positioned leader in the plus-size space, with the goal of being the dominant fast fashion brand in the global market.

Listen in to learn how Mariah joined the team at Eloquii, what it was like joining an established company in the role of CEO, and her advice for all CEO's.

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'I just thought, 'Wow, I've been in fashion my whole career, and how on Earth have we not been talking about this customer?'.' - Mariah Chase

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'Our calling card is fashion first for this customer. Period, end of story.' - Mariah Chase