Mia Duchnowski on The Mentor Files Podcast with Monica Royer

Our guest today is Mia Duchnowski, cofounder of Oars & Alps. When every option for men's skin care was too expensive, full of chemicals, tailored to women or just plain inconvenient, she and her cofounder took matters into their own hands, creating no-nonsense products without any pointless toxins, senseless rigmarole or needless middle men.

Before starting her new business, Mia Duchnowski had her dream job working as an anchor on Bloomberg Television. While there, she learned about skin care through her makeup artist, who often sent her home with tons of new products to try. When her husband started using many of the products she had brought home, she started thinking: is there an affordable skin care brand that is made just for men with all natural ingredients? When she saw that the market hadn't met that need, she did the unthinkable: quitting her dream job to start her new business, with only a big idea to guide her.

Listen in to today's episode and learn how Mia started Oars & Alps, how she built her team, and what she's learned in the process.

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'I'm a firm believer that you can't have a side hustle. It's a distraction, not only to the business you're about to build, but also to what you're currently doing.' - Mia Duchnowski