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You know about FabFitFun, the wildly popular wellness-themed subscription box that's loved by celebrities and everyday women alike. But here's what you don't know: The story of how this product — and the brand it represents — came to be what it is.

In this episode, co-founder Michael Broukhim sheds some insight on the FabFitFun journey and the importance of viewing your consumers holistically.

What started as a media company quickly evolved based on customer response and demand. And when FabFitFun's team realized that, despite the growing popularity of subscription boxes, no one in the game was embracing the idea of the wellness-themed box, they quickly realized what they needed to do.

Listen in for Michael's thoughts on working with a family member, how entrepreneurs can find balance in their personal lives, and why good content has been so instrumental to FabFitFun's success.

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'You realize as you have more and more success, you're never going to have all the answers yourself. At this point, so much of what we do are not things that I would claim to have deep expertise.' - Michael Broukhim

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'Definitely on day one of FabFitFun's brand coming into existence, I did not feel like it would be what it is today.' - Michael Broukhim