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When Morgan Hutchinson had her first child, she realized no one in the online retail market was catering to that fashionable mom who wanted to wear her favorite brands through every stage of motherhood. She wanted on trend machine washable clothing with easy access for nursing and more forgiving silhouettes. When she couldn't find it herself, she decided to curate it on her own and become the go-to style resource for pregnant women and new moms. Buru, a multi-brand ecommerce site dedicated to elevated style for moms was born.

Today, BURU carries high-end designers like Ulla Johnson, Rebecca Minkoff and Rachel Comey along with Morgan's own line, BURU White Label.

In this episode, Morgan reveals her top networking tips, the importance of having an authentic brand and what she does to differentiate Buru from other women's e-commerce sites.

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'You just can't beat word of mouth - it's slower, but it's so much more loyal than someone clicking on an ad.' - Morgan Hutchinson

Show Notes:

  • Why Morgan started Buru
  • How Buru got off the ground with merchandise
  • Take advantage of technology
  • What made Morgan so scrappy
  • Why you have to think outside of the box
  • How loyalty plays a role
  • Start with people you know
  • How to tap into your social media community
  • How much networking Morgan does
  • The benefits of living in LA
  • Why Buru gives 'family company' a new meaning
  • Why Morgan believes women can do it all
  • How getting dressed can changed your day
  • Why you have to keep your social media authentic
  • Try not to compare yourself to others

'I think we can do it all, but it won't look like Pinterest.' - Morgan Hutchinson

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'If (my daughter) doesn't see me do a little bit for myself every morning, what is that teaching her long term - that I'm not valuable? ' - Morgan Hutchinson