The Mentor Files host Monica Royer was leaving the room when Navyn Salem began to speak at a business conference. What Monica heard Navyn say stopped her in her tracks—and has stuck with her ever since. 

Navyn’s statement: If you see a child drowning, you would save them without a second thought. But what about children suffering from malnutrition elsewhere in the world? The sad reality is that a child dies of severe malnutrition every 11 seconds. 

When Navyn’s eyes were opened to the dire issue of malnutrition, she began Edesia Nutrition… even though she had four young children of her own at home at the time. In the years since, global circumstances have changed. All the while, Edesia’s mission has remained the same: to end malnutrition. 

In this new episode of The Mentor Files, Monica and Navyn talk about Edesia, motherhood, and what every person is capable of doing to make the world a better place. As Navyn says, “In your own community or halfway around the world, you’ll see that there are things that can be done better everywhere and we can also learn what’s being done well.”

Tune in as Navyn shares what inspired her to take action—and then how she did it as a mom of four young children. If you're inspired by Navyn's story and want to learn more about Edesia Nutrition or support their cause, visit their website and consider making a donation. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children around the world.

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  • If I see a problem, I also see a solution.” — Navyn Salem, Edesia Nutrition