89 CEO and Founder of Nona Lim on Leading An Olympic Team on The Mentor Files Podcast with Monica Royer

This week on The Mentor Files, we are featuring Nona Lim, who went from Silicon Valley entrepreneur to national athlete to founder and CEO of her own boutique food brand. Always striving for the best of the best, Nona has never rested on what just *works*. She aims for perfection, and in her business, this means great products, great leadership, and a great team.

Ever since I first bought some of her products from Whole Foods, I've been hooked. My family loves her soups and we can tell every time we eat it that this is a product with care and love put in to every bowl. And Nona knows that this product could not exist without her amazing team and their unmatched attention to detail.

Learn how Nona Lim started her restaurant-quality food brand, what she brought from her fencing career, and why a great team needs full transparency.

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"I've always had a passion for food, even if I'm not professionally trained." - Nona Lim

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"Asian food has so much going for it, but it's not necessarily that way when you buy it in stores." - Nona Lim