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18 Rebecca Minkoff - The Creator of Rebecca Minkoff on Staying Relevant + Creating a Unique Retail Experience

18 Rebecca Minkoff - The Creator of Rebecca Minkoff on Staying Relevant + Creating a Unique Retail Experience

Since launching her line in 2011, Rebecca Minkoff has become a globally recognized brand with stores around the world and a cult-like following.

She’s a pioneer in the fashion industry, merging tech with fashion and constantly evolving her product line. She offers products like “connected” smart bags that provide consumers access to exclusive content and was the first brand to feature interactive mirrors in the dressing rooms. Always thinking about her core customer, she decided to break the mold and offer her customers a front row seat at fashion shows via virtual reality.

Minkoff, who says she doesn’t believe there really is such a thing as work-life balance, is expecting her third child and speaks candidly with Monica about what life will realistically look like being a CEO with a newborn.

Minkoff also reveals the secret to evolving with your customer and how she uses technology to ease their pain points. She also shares how she connects her digital and retail experiences for customers and what she does internally to treat employees and build a strong company culture.

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'It's really just about a dialogue with at the end of the day.' - Rebecca Minkoff

Show Notes:

  • How Rebecca started her globally recognized brand
  • The challenges of launching now versus ten years ago
  • The secret to evolving with your customer
  • What makes the retail experience at her stores unique
  • How to connect your digital strategy to your physical locations
  • The strategy behind opening international locations
  • How it is working with her brother
  • When Rebecca thinks is the tipping point
  • What to think about when choosing investors
  • What are Rebecca's tips for balancing motherhood and work life
  • How to build a strong company culture
  • Why she made a choice to invest in social media
  • How Instagram has changed her business

'The goal of our retail experience is: how do we utilize technology early on to ease the pain points that our customer has?' - Rebecca Minkoff

Links Mentioned:

  • Connect with Rebecca:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Rebecca Minkoff

'I want to inspire women to lead a more fearless life, and if they put on that leather jacket and feel that way, great. But how do I take that into a more meaningful expression?' - Rebecca Minkoff



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