Rob Royer ;on The Mentor Files with Monica Roye

We’re getting personal on the podcast today!

Monica sits down with the CEO and Founder of Interior Define, Rob Royer, who just happens to also be her husband. After struggling to find high quality and well designed furniture at an affordable price, Rob decided to make it himself.

Interior Define was launched in 2014 and offers a new concept in custom furniture: edited, thoughtfully designed and well-crafted pieces that are fairly priced and complete customization as each piece is made-to-order.

In this episode, Rob talks about launching the brand and why the right type of marketing is such a critical component to starting any business. He also discusses why it’s so important to let your product offering evolve over time and gives us a candid glimpse into what life is like raising a daughter when both parents are entrepreneurs.

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'Whether you want a lounge-y sofa or a sofa that helps you interact with friends and family, we want to understand that so that we can get you the best piece possible.' - Rob Royer

Show Notes:

  • What is Interior Define
  • When Rob's passion for interior design started
  • What differentiate's Interior Define's consumer experience
  • The role of customization
  • Rob's marketing tips
  • The importance of having a solid brand idea that can evolve
  • What the biggest challenges were for Rob when starting his brand
  • Having an entrepreneurial family
  • When you know you've reached the tipping point
  • Why you have to hire a good team

'The notion of creative marketing is how do you make every decision through the lens of the customer?' - Rob Royer

Links Mentioned:

'If you're trying to launch a concept, you first need to get really good data and try to understand if it's resonates with your customer.' - Rob Royer