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Today on The Mentor Files, we have Sarah Jones Simmer, Chief Operating Officer of Bumble talking with us about her work with the incredibly popular dating app.

Sarah is the COO of Bumble, the female-first social networking app bringing kindness and respect back into introductions and promoting equality in relationships, with 65mm+ users around the world. In that role, she oversees core strategy, international growth, marketing initiatives, and business operations, and facilitates the expansion of Bumble’s rapidly growing team, headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices around the world.

Sarah has spent her career investing in, consulting for, and operating businesses, always with a focus on mission-driven brands and in support of visionary founders meeting real market needs. She started her career analyzing equities and market conditions at a Los Angeles-based hedge fund with ~$5bn AUM and later moved into strategy consulting, with a focus on the intersection of business growth and social change, where she advised clients from established luxury brands (Gucci, Clinique) to startups (23andMe, hint water), as well as high-net-worth individuals and celebrities, on a range of philanthropic and social good initiatives.

Bumble has managed to keep on the front edge of culture and technology since it started in late 2017, and Sarah has played a huge part in that. In this interview, you'll catch a glimpse of how she sees the Bumble team, their customers, and what has made them so successful. Listen in the learn how Sarah Jones Simmer has created and sustained such an incredible culture both in the Bumble team and in their customer base.

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'We're showing what is possible for a company that puts women in the driver's seat and puts kindness as a core value.' - Sarah Jones Simmer

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'I think so much good innovation in consumer driven technologies comes from listening to your users and delivering one step ahead of what they even realize they needed.' - Sarah Jones Simmer