Sonia Nagar on The Mentor Files with Monica Royer

Early in her career, Sonia Nagar founded a mobile shopping app called Pickie. After much success, the app was acquired by Retail Me Not, where she became the vice president of product and head of mobile apps for the coupon shopping site — and earned a Webby Award for Best Shopping App!

Upon relocating to Chicago with her husband, Sonia was preemptively meeting with VCs about future potential investments when one thing led to another and she was offered a position that was too good to refuse. Today, Sonia is the Vice President at Pritzker Group Venture Capital and is responsible for sourcing the firm's investments in consumer enterprise and emerging technology.

If you're thinking of pitching an idea to investors or toying with the idea of starting an app for your brand, you're going to want to listen in. Sonia and Monica discuss the best way to capture the attention of a venture capitalist and what qualities Pritzker Group looks for in a founder and their company.

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'The thing that doesn't often get recognized is how many failures people have before they succeed because you only read about the successes.' - Sonia Nagar

Show Notes:

  • How her career led to her current work at Pritzker
  • What led her to create Pickie
  • What the acquisition process was like
  • How her own history as a founder influences her work with startups
  • Sonia's advice for those looking to work with a venture capitalist
  • How to capture the attention of a VC
  • What are some habits of seasoned entrepreneurs
  • The benefits you can get from having investors
  • What qualities Pritzker looks like in a founder

'The best meetings for me are the ones where I learn something.' - Sonia Nagar

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'That authentic market fit story, that narrative and the passion that goes along with it, that's what I get excited about.' - Sonia Nagar