The Mentor Files Graphic with Monica Royer, Michelle Shetty and Suzie Carroll

As professional nurses with hospital experience, starting a business wasn’t the expected course for Suzie Carroll and Michelle Shetty. But both women felt strongly called to create a medical aesthetic spa where every person could leave feeling better than when they arrived–regardless of whether they got a service. The result is The Fitz, a one-of-a-kind medspa in Chicago.

In a new episode of The Mentor Files, host Monica Royer speaks with friends-turned-cofounders Suzie and Michelle about their path to entrepreneurship, their relationship as business partners, and their lessons.

Back when The Fitz was just a dream, Michelle and Suzie sat down together and each wrote out their vision for the business. When they compared notes, they were totally aligned on wanting clients to feel warmth and confidence. Even though their superpowers differ, their shared values have helped the women work successfully together. 

We’re still learning about ways that we can better support each other, better work through things,” Suzie says. “But the conversation between the two of us… it’s so open and it can be uncomfortable.” 

On individual levels, both Michelle and Suzie have learned and adapted along the way. As Michelle says, “I don’t think we were scared of hard work. What I didn’t expect was how hard it is. Not the work, but having to evolve yourself, the having to grow… For me, it is much more the emotional work that you have to do.” 

Listen to this episode of The Mentor Files for more about a nontraditional path to business ownership, working with a co-founder, and more. 

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“You should pick your partner that feels like a fireplace: They’re cozy, they’re warm, they’re safe.” – Michelle Shetty, The Fitz