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In 2012, Vicki Fulop and her husband Rich were vacationing in Las Vegas when they slept on bed sheets so comfortable that they asked the hotel where they could purchase them to bring home. When they discovered the sheets cost $800 they were appalled and dove deep into researching the bedding industry to see if they could find a way to make such a luxury product more affordable.

They built Brooklinen with a direct to consumer business model and in 2014 launched a kickstarter a kickstarter campaign. Their goal was to raise $50k and they quickly surpassed that with more than $200k in pre-orders.

Today, Brooklinen has established itself as the leading e-commerce disruptor of the overpriced and overcomplicated bedding industry, offering global consumers a curated collection of stylish, luxury-grade linens at an accessible price. Based in Brooklyn, the brand was founded on the philosophy that people deserve simple, beautiful home essentials without the mark-up.

In this episode, Vicki explains how the brand has evolved over time and their secret to securing great PR coverage. She also provides tips for tackling the 'entrepreneurial lifestyle' and reveals two of the biggest factors to Brooklinen's growth.

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'You'd be stagnant if you weren't making mistakes!' - Vicki Fulop

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'I was very eager and ambitious to do all of the things, even when I was little.' - Vicki Fulop