Vivienne Decker on The Mentor Files with Monica Royer

If there is a female millennial entrepreneur that is shaking up their industry, chances are Vivienne Decker has covered them for She has interviewed some of the country’s most successful female entrepreneurs and has some fascinating insight into the similarities between these powerhouse women.

On today’s episode, Vivienne gives valuable and candid insider advice on how to get press coverage from the top business outlets (hint: the right subject lines matter BIG TIME!).

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“There are two kinds of entrepreneurs: there are those who look for a white space or identify pain points, and then there are those who launch their business because of their passion.” - Vivienne Decker

Show Notes:

  • How Vivienne conducts her interviews
  • How she finds her stories
  • Vivienne’s takeaways from writing about women in business
  • Why Vivienne loves moms turned entrepreneurs
  • What challenges come up often in Vivienne’s interviews
  • How to get press if you don’t have a PR team
  • Why she doesn’t get a chance to revisit stories
  • Talking about what went right versus what went wrong
  • Vivienne’s advice to young female entrepreneurs
  • How to balance work and life and maybe more work
  • Who Vivienne would love to interview
  • Why you have to be confident and persistent

“Female founders pride themselves on creating sustainable jobs and they really value the people who work for them.” - Vivienne Decker

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“Be thoughtful, try to find something that blends your experience, your passion, your interests.” - Vivienne Decker