Baby is on the way and you’re in the home stretch!

We know you have a lot on your mind, so we pulled together some tasks to help you think through your 3rd trimester checklist before it's go time.

1. Pack your hospital bag 

Make sure to pack everything you and baby will need while you’re in the hospital. Go over a hospital bag checklist to ensure that you’re packing all of the essentials.

2. Register at the hospital

Pre-registering can help save you some time on the intake process when you’re in labor. Visiting the hospital, if they allow it, can help ease nerves by familiarizing you with the environment you’ll give birth in.

3. Write a birth plan

Here are 7 Things To Know Before Getting an Epidural and What You Need to Know about Having a C-Section.

4. Create a labor + delivery playlist  

Some studies show that music can help reduce labor pain and anxiety. Create a playlist of music you love that will help you stay calm during childbirth.

5. Get ready to announce baby's arrival

Pull together email addresses for friends + family you plan to notify once baby has arrived. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy - you can even send out announcements through texts.

6. Make sure your maternity leave is sorted out

Complete all paperwork and walk through work tasks with any relevant co-workers at least 1-month in advance, just in case the baby arrives early. 

7. Take some classes

At Monica + Andy, we've teamed up with the nation's top baby experts to create classes for expecting parents, new parents, and kids. Take one of Monica + Andy's newborn classes if you so choose: whether it's Infant First Aid, Lactation 101, or Infant Sleep, we're here to help! We also offer a Pregnancy by Trimester Series, so that you can know what to expect and what to do during each stage of your pregnancy.

8. Nest

Nesting is real: do what you need to do to satisfy the urges! Wash baby clothes with gentle laundry detergent. Finish painting + designing your nursery (and also know that you can continue the little things once your baby arrives!)

9. Have your baby shower

Enjoy your baby shower (and take lots of photos to remember the day)!

10. Get the car seat ready

Install your baby’s car seat and get it inspected. A certified child passenger safety technician can even help you install your carseat so you can be certain it’s set up correctly.

11. Get ready to nurse

Order your breast pump via insurance if you plan to nurse. If you haven’t nursed before, you may want to consider taking a breastfeeding class. Don’t forget a nursing bra and nursing pads.

12. Make a visitor plan

The hospital will give you and your partner bonding time, but you should decide how you plan to handle other visitors, if they’re allowed at the hospital.

13. Meal Prep

Cooking will be one less thing to think about if you stock the freezer with healthy meals + snacks! We love Daily Harvest for their smoothies + grain bowls.

14. Take maternity photos

Before your little one arrives, be sure to schedule some time for maternity photos. The third trimester is a great time to do it since your beautiful baby bump will be prominent!

15. Count your contractions

You usually wait until you’re having rhythmic contractions before going to the hospital. Downloading an app can help you keep track of when it’s time to go (we love the Full Term app).

Forget some baby items? No worries! Baby essentials such as maternity clothes, diapers, creams, and bottles are always just a click away if you need more. 

And last but certainly not least, get excited for your baby's arrival! And, know that there are a lot of emotions that come along with having a new baby and if you’re concerned postpartum, your personal doctor or OBGYN are always available for help.