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Pregnancy Checklist: Third Trimester To-Dos

Pregnancy Checklist: Third Trimester To-Dos

Baby is on the way and you’re in the home stretch!

We know you have a lot on your mind, so we pulled together some tasks to help you think through your to-do list before it's go time.

  • Pack your hospital bag 
  • Schedule and take a hospital tour if you so choose 
  • Pre-Register at the hospital 
  • Write a birth plan: Here are 7 Things To Know Before Getting an Epidural and What You Need to Know about Having a C-Section
  • Create a labor + delivery playlist  
  • Pull together email addresses for friends + family you plan to notify once baby has arrived
  • Maternity Leave: Complete all paperwork and walk through work tasks with any relevant co-workers at least 1-month in advance. 
  • Take Monica + Andy’s 9-Month Network Classes if you so choose: Whether it's Infant First Aid, Lactation 101, or Infant Sleep, we're here to help! 
  • Research and select a pediatrician 
  • Make arrangements for your other little ones or pets while you're at the hospital.
  • Wash baby clothes in newborn laundry detergent 
  • Schedule a date night with your partner
  • Nesting is real: do what you need to do to satisfy the urges! 
  • Finish painting + designing your nursery (and also know that you can continue the little things once baby has arrived!). 
  • Enjoy your baby shower (and take lots of photos to remember the day!)
  • Install your baby’s car seat and get it inspected. 
  • Order your breast pump via insurance if you plan to nurse. 
  • Decide how you plan to handle visitors (at the hospital and at home)
  • Stock the freezer with healthy meals + snacks! We love Daily Harvest  for their smoothies + grain bowls. 
  • Download a contraction app (we love the Full Term app)
  • Forget something? No worries! Diapers, creams and bottles are always just a click away if you need more. 

And last but certainly not least, get excited! And, know that there are a lot of emotions that come along with having a newborn and if you’re concerned postpartum, your personal doctor or OBGYN are always available for help. 

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