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  • A Letter to My Babies: Judy Sachs

    A Letter to My Babies: Judy Sachs
    Dear M&N,As you know, you were “floating around in the sky” for quite a while waiting to come join our family. It wasn’t easy for me to get pregnant. And it wasn’t easy for me to stay pregnant. And there are days when I forget that. When I forget that heartwarming sound of your two heartbeats, both strong and for real this time. I forget because I’m frustrated that you’ve asked me the same question about when Alexander Hamilton died fifteen times even though I’ve answered you ten times already...

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  • Styled for Success with Corri McFadden

    Styled for Success with Corri McFadden
    If there’s a mompreneur out there that makes it all look easy, and oh-so-darn-good, it’s the founder of eDrop-Off Luxury Consignment, Corri McFadden. And while she makes it look easy, it’s been a lot of hard work that’s earned her style expert status and entrée into the homes and closets of loyal clients.We were thrilled to catch up with Corri, get the inside scoop on her inspiring journey and snag a few closet-purging tips along the way. First and foremost, let’s talk family. Can you tell us about yours and...

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  • A Letter to My Baby: Jourdan Fairchild

    A Letter to My Baby: Jourdan Fairchild
    My dear Sloane,Today you are six weeks old. As I type this, you’re curled up on my chest, belly full and sleepy faced. I’ve positioned you at the perfect angle, cradled between my arms as I reach around you to type. Every few sentences I dip my head down to inhale your sweet smell (and I thought I could multitask before!). I’ve been writing you letters since you were born—a tradition I’ve borrowed from my Dad—whenever I find time. Time is so different now. So many endlessly long moments, hours,...

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  • We Speak Dad, Too

    We Speak Dad, Too
    When I founded Monica + Andy it was out of my own experience as a new mom. I was overwhelmed by my love for my daughter, underwhelmed by the organic baby clothing market, and felt adrift without a community of mom friends. It was important to me that Monica + Andy help new moms through their own transition. I was committed to making things better for them. But something incredible has been happening—not only in our Guideshops—but across the country. With paternity and family leave policies that are finally (!!!)...

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  • To My Baby on Mother's Day

    To My Baby on Mother's Day
    “Dearest Kamilla baby, I am not with you on our first ever Mother's Day. It's absolutely my fault; I booked this time-sensitive business trip so that I could oversee the final development of my next collection and work on this new idea for the business. Honestly, I didn't even think about this holiday when booking my trip. And I think I simply forgot because I've never celebrated it before.As sad as I am for myself, I am leaving with a purpose. I've always worked hard, but now I am working...

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  • Happy Soon-To-Be Mother’s Day!

    Happy Soon-To-Be Mother’s Day!
    It’s no secret—we can’t give enough mama love. In fact, we try to find ways to celebrate moms all year long. And Mother’s Day just gives us one more reason to do something special for you all. This year we’re giving a special shout out to all of our “soon-to-be” moms. Even though your baby is not swaddled in your arms just yet, this day is for you too. That’s why on Instagram we’re giving away a $250 Modern Layette Cuddle Box packed with all the newborn essentials you’ll need...

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  • Girlbossing with Sari Azout

    Girlbossing with Sari Azout
    When we think of all the GirlBosses we’re lucky to call friends, there’s one we like to make of point of keeping up with—Sari Azout. If she’s not off starting her own businesses, she’s helping other businesses get off the ground or investing in people and products she believes will change our lives for the better.On top of that, she’s a wife and mother to two sweet little boys. Busy? To say the least. But you won’t hear her complain about it. Because she’s driven by the desire to be...

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  • What the HECK is a Doula?!

    What the HECK is a Doula?!
    There’s so much to do and remember in the months leading up to baby. Paint the nursery. Pick a stroller. Practice swaddling. The list goes on and on. So if you hear the word “doula” and wonder if you can register for one of those, know that you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. And we get by with a little help from our mommy friends.By definition, a doula is: (noun) a woman experienced in childbirth who provides advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a mother before, during,...

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